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Basil and Tomatoes and a Recap 1

Basil and Tomatoes and a Recap

Is there a better combination of foods to pair than fresh basil and tomatoes?  The complementary colors and flavors excite the senses.  The subtle anise aroma of the tender basil leaves.  The brilliant deep reds of the tomatoes, and their …

Harvest, Tomatoes, and Fall Plantings 2

Harvest, Tomatoes, and Fall Plantings

Some of our tomatoes are blushing and we are beginning to harvest more than we can eat daily.  In a week or two, we will need to begin canning the tomatoes in order to use the mountain of tomatoes we …

The Story of Our Onions 0

The Story of Our Onions

By Ed Peterson

Just harvested:  Red and yellow onions.  Beauties!

The Journey Begins

We started in March, planting onion sets of 2 sorts, red and yellow.  Onion sets are simply small dry onions, like a scallion or green onion almost,
How We Grow and Harvest Hard Neck Garlic 0

How We Grow and Harvest Hard Neck Garlic

Some Hardneck Garlic Harvested 07/15/2019

Why Grow Garlic?

Today we’ll discuss growing and harvesting hardneck garlic from our garden.  We grow garlic for many reasons, the foremost of which is that it is delicious and versatile.  We use it raw …

The Seeds 0

The Seeds

Shell Peas

Welcome to PoCo Gardens and to the first of many blog posts to come.  What follows is a short history of how we grew to be what we are, avid growers.

My wife Cari and I began with …

16749 W 147th Pl 0

Open House Lockport

Open House Lockport 1-3 pm in Lockport Heights Today 2/16/19

Ready for spring? We are too! Buyers are sure to love this beautiful backyard with lots of perennials and flagstone patio this coming spring. If you haven’t had a chance …


Getting Your Home Ready to Sell in 2019

Five years ago I set about getting our house ready to sell, or “list-ready” as I like to say. Just as a challenge. Mostly, I knew we’d be running our own business out of our home, at least to start. …